About Us

History and Mission


We believe that every child should have good, healthy food to nurture their growing bodies and minds.  GOT LUNCH! Laconia was born in January 2011 as a collaboration of community partners coming together to feed the children of Laconia healthy food during the summer vacation.  We began delivering bags of healthy groceries in June, 2011 to any family who signed up.

Since the parents of many families are working when we deliver food, we had no means to deliver highly perishable foods, such as milk, to homes.  So in 2013 we added a Dairy Voucher Program as a means to provide families with fresh dairy products.  This program is made possible by the support of our local grocery store, VISTA FOODS.

  • They print $6 dairy vouchers that we distribute to families in the grocery bags
  • They train all cashiers on how the vouchers can be used.
  • Each week families are able to purchase up to $6 of milk, eggs, cheese or yogurt with their vouchers.
  • The cashiers record the amount of the purchases and GOT LUNCH! Laconia is only charged for exactly what was spent!  If a voucher is not used we do not pay for it.

This labor of love and community spirit on the part of VISTA Foods greatly benefits the children of this community.

In 2015 we began a partnership with the Lakes Region Agriculture Collaborative to add locally grown fresh vegetables to the program.  Some of the best products of summer are the wonderful locally grown vegetables. We believe that every child should  experience the goodness of fresh summer lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and, of course, corn on the cob.

GOT LUNCH! Laconia is so grateful to these local farmers who are making this program possible:

Beans & Greens of Gilford, Red Manse Farm

of Loudon Center, Still Seeking Farm of Gilmanton and

Winnipesaukee Woods Farm of Gilford

We currently have over seventy businesses and faith based organizations collaborating with us as partners.  With 2,100 students there is plenty of work for all of us.  This program continues to fill a great need in the community.  In 2018, 541 children received healthy food through the efforts of  141 volunteers.

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact John @  gotlnch@gmail.com or by phone at (603) 520-4383